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"Moshi moshi! This is Lisa! If you're calling for the Off Key Karaoke Bar, please state your name and where we can reach you back at.

If you're calling for me, please leave a message!

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Name- JeniOctavia

LJ- JeniOctavia

Email address- JeniOctavia@gmail.com

AIM/MSN/YIM (optional)- JeniOctavia

Character, series- Ponyo

Character journal- [livejournal.com profile] buggedoff

Character type- Secondary

Digimon partner- Koemon > Hookmon > Zudomon > Vikemon

D-Comm colours/symbol- Pink and white, with a sailor hat symbol

Imported from another RP?- No

Character appearance- Photobucket

Character age- early 30's

History ect )
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[audio cuts in mid conversation]

-- kinda crappy for a karaoke bar... that's all I'm saying. I would have liked to had my son's party here, but I really don't think it's gonna work.

I get it, lady, but really... we just don't care anymore. Business is crap right now and I'm lookin' to sell anyway.

Well of course it is! You're not even taken care of it!

Why should we? All we ever get are drunken sailors that trash the joint.

Even drunken sailors should be allowed to sing in a clean karaoke bar. That's no excuse!

Yeah? If you care so much, why don't you buy the joint instead of telling me how to run it.

... well... maybe... maybe I will!

Fine then! It's yours!

It-- ... really? Just like that?

Lady, I have been wanting to dump this place off on some one for years. Take it. I'll even knock half off the sell price. I really don't want it anymore! Good luck turning it around, though...

... watch me! I'll do it!

Uhuh. Sure. [receding foot steps]

... what the hell did you just do, Lisa?

... bought a karaoke bar for my son's birthday?

You are somethin' else.

... I'm gonna need workers. Ohboy...


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[WHUMP! zoooooooooom~]

huhwah... Lisa, did you just hit a living shamrock?!

Third one today actually! This is kind of fun!

... you frighten me some times.


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Valentines Day already...

I miss Koichi... but--...


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I've got a question, for anyone who might be... real estate minded around here.

Yellow has been a very nice host to Ponyo and I, but I feel a bit bad, crowding up space like this. I'd really rather have my own home with her.

Would anyone know what the chances are finding a house for us are? Doesn't have to be huge, just enough for one adult and two children.


Sosuke will be here eventually. I have faith in that. In any case, our old home was a house on a cliff overlooking the sea. That might be a bit too specific, but I think a beach-side location or something near the coast would be something Ponyo would prefer.

Oh, and I suppose I'll be needing a job. I'm not entirely sure what the prospects are for a care taker of the elderly, but I suppose if I have to learn a new trade, I can.

Any help at all is very much appreciated.
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*low whistle* This place is trashed... like Tokyo after a bad Godzilla rampage...

Attacks'll do that, sweetheart. ... your comm is on.

... it's on?

Gah, I swear all you humans are so blind. Yes, it's on! Lookit the light!

Alright, alright, quit yelling!

Don't give me sass, young lady!

If it's on that means it's recording, you know.

... *annoyed grunt* Carry on then.

Alright. My name is Lisa, a-and... I'm looking for my son and his friend. His name is Sosuke, and her name is Ponyo. I'm really worried about them, so please, please, if you have any information or have seen them, contact me. It's urgent that I find them.

Thank you.
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Business Type: Karaoke Box/Full Service Bar
Location: Axyori
Hours of Business: Mon-Fri 12 noon to 5AM, Sat 11 am to 6AM, Sun CLOSED
Description: What was once a run down, barely maintained karaoke box/bar has since been renovated and reopened to the public under the same name but with new management. Owner Lisa has turned the Off Key Bar around in to a functioning, clean, well serviced business that caters to karaoke lovers and casual drinkers alike.

The bar (open only to tamers 18 and up) is full service, with completely stocked shelves behind the counter as well as a kitchen. Chef John Silver provides the best in tavern food that is available in the bar, at the counter, or in the karaoke boxes by order.

The karaoke boxes have been completely overhauled as well, redesigned with new plush black leather couches, flat screen tvs for lyric display set in to the wall, and state of the art karaoke systems controlled by remote from the room. A phone is used for calling out for service from the menu, and faux granite tables at two heights allow for enjoying refreshments sitting down or standing up. All rooms are air conditioned and climate controlled for the user's comfort, and karaoke sessions come in your choice of casual or graded competition.

Job Openings

Front desk clerk
Managers (various shifts)
Assistant Chef
Bar servers
Room servers
Sound techs

[ EMPLOYEE LIST ] (last updated: March 31st)


Lisa ([livejournal.com profile] buggedoff )



Danny the Cat ([livejournal.com profile] rhythminmysoul )


John Silver ([livejournal.com profile] mistersilver )







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Basic HMD for Lisa from Miyazaki Hayao's "Ponyo" for [livejournal.com profile] digital_dive . Bad, good, just want to tell me something? Drop it here.

Be nice, no flames, ect ect.

Nothing fancy to see here.
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